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Baptism is a public statement of personal Christian faith.

We are very happy to talk about this important decision.

I would rather talk about Baptism than Christening.

Christening is what you do when you name a boat.  ☺

Christians form God’s family and they greatly benefit from

mutual encouragement (usually by meeting together).

As the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Your local Church is your “Christian Village” experience.


We welcome fellow believers and are happy to baptize

their children. In the Baptism Service, promises are made

about bringing up children in the Christian Faith.

We are here to help you do that. It will mean several meetings and studies to help prepare you but it will be

time well spent and it may even benefit the whole family.


So if you are committed to more than just a

“name-giving” ceremony, we’d love to chat with you.

Arrange a time to talk and see where we go from there.

Our approach has been influenced by this analogy which we found on the website of St Michael's Wollongong:


Wanting baptism for your child, without going to church, is a bit like asking a Surf Club to give you the red and yellow life-saver’s cap, yet saying you won’t bring your kids to Nippers nor serve on any surf patrols yourself.


The red and yellow cap won’t do your kid any good if he hasn’t learned how to swim safely at the beach. And it would be wrong to wear the cap yourself, if you aren’t actually part of Surf Club life and service in any meaningful way.

We can discuss this with you at more length if you desire. We want to help people decide if they’re serious about following Christ as Lord and Saviour. Participating in church life, where we learn from the Bible, is a great way of gaining such clarity. Another option would be to attend a ‘Christianity course’.


People who were baptized as infants often want to make their own public declaration of faith and trust in Jesus Christ. That's where the Service of Confirmation comes in. It is also required before people can hold certain roles in the Anglican Church.
The Service is very similar to the Service of Baptism except that
the person makes certain commitments on their own behalf. These Services are often conducted by the local Bishop and a series of lessons or studies are required to be completed.
We are very happy to talk to you about Confirmation if you feel you have reached a point in your spiritual life where you want to "nail your colours to the mast" (so to speak). Give us a call about it.


A wide range of options exist for people who want to marry. Civil services are available for people who are not seeking a Church Wedding that focuses on making promises before God.
Our Church Building is "small" (fits 100 people) and parking is an issue. But once we get past those speed-humps we can provide a traditional style wedding that will fulfill your dreams for your special day.
Couples are required to complete some form of premarital counseling.


A variety of options exists for Funeral Services, including Memorial and Thanksgiving Services. Our Services offer the Christian Hope in the face of the sadness of death. As the Bible says: We do not grieve like those who have no hope. The resurrection of Jesus is the promise of our own. The option also exists for us to conduct a Christian Funeral service in the Crematorium of your choice or a graveside service.
Feel free to call us any time to make the arrangements.
Click HERE for Help with Bereavement.
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